Our Approach:

Student Focused

  • Highly responsive customer service
  • Programs tailored to your needs
  • Proficiency-based, communicative approach
  • Accommodating schedules
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dedicated instructors

  • Proficiency-based, communicative approach
  • Native proficiency
  • Educated in the target language
  • Most faculty have post-graduate degrees
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language instruction

  • Customized instruction meets your specific needs
  • Outcome-based method for more than 85 languages
  • Classes available for individuals or groups
  • Instruction at our location or yours
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Our HILT Programs

High Intensity Language Training

  • Intensive immersion
  • Focused on reaching your individual goals
  • Fast-paced, rapid progress
  • Available for ESL and foreign languages
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Slide Internship


  • High-quality internships at sought-after US organizations
  • We handle all necessary administrative paperwork
  • Language and cultural training ensures success
  • Business training is provided to match your needs
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Language and Cultural Learning for a Global Audience :

Since 1966, ICLS has taught English as a Second Language and more than 85 foreign languages in the Washington, DC area to students, participants, individuals, companies, non-profit organizations, and government agencies.

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Memberships and Licenses

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